13 June, 2006

A Humid Tuesday Afternoon

Who is a wise man? He who learns of all men - The Talmud

Yesterday the temperature in London was 32C/90F. Today unsurprisingly we have thunderstorms. As this is England we could have a prolonged cold spell starting, say, this Friday. Or a tropical heatwave.

I've just finished reading Affinity by Sarah Waters which I did not enjoy as much as Fingersmith or Tipping The Velvet. I think it a pity that her writing is sometimes labelled 'Lesbian Historical Fiction'; although it usually is that, it is good writing first and foremost. I believe her new novel The Night Watch is set in the 1940's and not in Victorian times like her first three books.

My favourite wartime-set novels are Birdsong and Charlotte Gray, both by Sebastian Faulks.


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