04 August, 2006

Cezanne Again

These images are offered purely for the pleasure of it.


Blogger Don Iannone said...

I like Cezanne as well. Thanks for stopping by Conscious Living. Best wishes. Don

Saturday, August 05, 2006  
Blogger jim said...

You got some really great stuff here to read Bazza, I am limited for comp time in days now, I will come back and enjoy and comment later tonight. Thanks, I look forward to it.

Monday, August 07, 2006  
Blogger jim said...

I love the first one for the color contrast and richness of it.

One of the elements that is so striking in Cezanne's work is the solidity, the utter sense of realness of the whole 'picture', not just a single thing within the picture, the whole is so 'real'.

Part of that, a big part of that, is his absolute attention to each touch he made to the canvas, from the beginning to the final layers, there are millions of touches of paint, all some kind of varied aspect of a 'touch' (shape, size, color, value, weight, etc), and each is absolutely 'purposeful'. He looked and he thought and he waited and he thought some more, and then and only then did he chose color, value, and do size, weight, etc. He was a maniac.lol.

A tremendous and dedicated painter, an Artist of the highest caliber, and he said when asked what one should paint to be a good artist, 'paint your stovepipe'. lol.

He knew exactly what he was saying and what he meant, it took a while for everyone else to catch on. lol.

I love his work, and he was a really okay weird guy.

Even in his unfinished pieces, there is the power that they were going to have, evident, of course, that is me saying that after the fact of knowing his finished work, but I believe it is evident there.

Out of all the painters in the world, there are only two who I would love to own a piece by, this one, Cezanne, and the other is the Frenchman Braque. Braque had the same quality as Cezanne in much of his work before he went off to war.

Thanks for the show Bazza, amazing stuff, I enjoy seeing it, I will come back and look at it again, also the post before this one, I scanned them and they are well worth reading and commenting.

Thanks. Great blog you got here.

By the way, Thanks for the comments on my blog, the help with the subject was very appreciated and timely, very informative.

Monday, August 07, 2006  
Blogger Bazza said...

Actually I think the "unfinished" aspect of Cezanne's work is very interesting. At first I thought that he simply did not finish a lot of his work but now I am not so sure. For example, the fourth of my examples in this post could be described as unfinished when compared to, say, the fifth example. The right-hand side of the canvas certainly looks unfinished but but the left fore-ground - well, I don't know.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006  
Blogger jim said...

Bazza, I remember reading, and now I am thinking about this, Cezanne started with very diluted and dulled down colors and not much value contrast. As he built up the overall painting, he increased these, this was as much a 'subject' as the subject. There is, I remember some reason for quitting some canvasses before they were fully covered, a reason that had to do with this building up concept he had. Others nothing stopped him and he built a fully and highly colored finished piece.

Then too, he did actually take his paintings on locations, the weather would interfere in some cases and he might have to leave that one off. With still lifes, the situation would get changed, the set up would, the fruit would rot, etc, and he had a housekeeper who might have moved things. There could have been any number of reasons for the 'unfinished' work.

In modern times, we have come to appreciate the 'spontaneous' art work, these that we like now for that reason, were only steps on the road to an academic finished product. Cezanne was inbetween this shift from the highly finished preference to the spontaneous appeal. Now much is intentionally stopped in process, because it has everything it needs to be Art.

I have lost many fine pieces of work, by that very fault of not stopping soon enough. We actually teach the 'leaving off' now, don't finish it, we say, it is excellent at this stage. And it is true, for our taste, it is perfect.

Sunday, August 20, 2006  
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Monday, December 25, 2006  

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