11 August, 2006

The Twins and Gaia

Zack, Gaia & Jacob
You can't beat a picture of happy children can you? This is the twins with their friend Gaia. Gaia is an interesting name, originally that of a of a Greek godess meaning 'Earth' and it is, of course, the name given by James Lovelock to his hypothesis that the Earth is a sort of perpetually self-repairing system.


Blogger jim said...

Hello Bazza, yn, looks like that in greek, gaia, that is if my memory serves, also is related in greek words to gnosis, knowledge or knowing.

This then comes after and is in relation to the Hebrew, G sound, gimel, which is the day the earth was seen and called its name, and this too is the day knowledge became 'visible'.

Neat, huh?

I raised a set of twins, they are now very close to me, at 30 years of age, they are, and they learned well, like yours are doing, teaching respect is important.

You said in the next post that it made your day when one child said, unprompted, that he loved you, that is some of the greatest treasure on the earth to be had, and it can only be gotten this way, children, teaching, caring, it all equals love.

Great looking kids.

BTW, the word verification for this comment is zdeks, lol, weird huh, Hebrew, by accident, lol.

Monday, August 14, 2006  
Blogger Bazza said...

Jim: Being grandparents of twins may have some advantages over being a parent! We don't have the hard work or disturbed nights that their Mum & Dad do; we just get the pleasure.
It's amazing. Sometimes I post and think "This won't interest anyone but myself".
I don't mind that because I am still exploring the blogosphere and I am often surprised by what I read, comments people make and what I myself end up writing. I am a glutton for knowledge (myself and a group of friends write and run quizes for various charities) and I hugely enjoy learning new things via blogging. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006  

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