31 August, 2006

Alexandra Palace,London

The Palm Court of Alexandra Palace
Alexandra Palace is, jointly with Hampstead Heath, the highest point in London. It is the place where the BBC started the world's first television service from in 1936 and it remained the BBC's main transmitting centre up to 1956. The original building had been destroyed by a fire just 16 days after it opened in 1873. It was rebuilt in under two years but burnt down again in 1980. The current building mainly dates from 1988 but the section where the BBC operated from dates from 1875.
Alexandra Palace from the air.
It is now an entertainment complex with exhibition halls, an ice rink, concert halls and a fun-fair, although it still has a transmitting mast. The most spectacular views of London are to be had from there and the whole complex is set in 196 acres of beautiful parkland which is protected by an Act of Paliament that guarantees it's use for the general public.
The tall buildings in the distance are in the City of London and there are similar views in most directions.


Blogger jim said...

That is a terrific bldg complex, it would be great to rummage around and in it for some time. The view is magnificent, London, do tell. You are like my own private tour guide, and I do appreciate it greatly, sights wonderful to behold Bazza.

Thanks too for adding the comment about Maxwell being 'metaphysical', that means something to me, I have always liked that poem and felt kin to the writing, now I know why. I will definitely look at more of his work. Thanks Bazza.

Thursday, August 31, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

In 1973 I went to a Festival of Love at Alexandra Palace. The festival was widely advertised and even appears briefly on the Rock n' Roll Years TV documentary for 1973.
The festival was organised by the Divine Light Mission and the main speaker was the fifteen year old Guru Maharaji. I am still involved with the movement today.

Friday, September 01, 2006  

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